UV Curing Chambers

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uv technik offers a wide range of uv curing chambers to suit a wind range uv curing and sun simulation application. The chambers that we offer include customizable options to suit customers. By ensuring we offer a wide range of uv lamp and filter types we are able to accommodate a wide variety of customers requiring uv chambers. Our experience in this field allows us to offer expert advise and support from our 30+ years experience within the uv industry.

Features of our UV Chambers:

⦿ Lamp types to support UVA, UVB, UVC, LED Requirements (iron, gallium, mercury etc)

⦿ Lamp power as required by customer

⦿ Provisions for controls and ballasts as required

⦿ Adjustable power control from 10 - 100%

⦿ Curing applications: uv curing of glues, adhesives, inks, adhesives & coatings for small manufacturing processes

⦿ Sun simulation applications supported (testing of materials and ageing effects of uv exposure)

⦿ Additional flexibility in our curing chambers also allows us to support 3-dimensional curing application

⦿ Safety features including auto switch off (interlock) when the chamber door is opened

⦿ Flexibility of chamber size to suit all possibly customer requirements

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any technical or sales advice about any of our uv curing chambers.

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