HVAC UV Disinfection
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  • Offering devices for both new and retrofit systems 
  • Increase system efficiency & reduce costs of maintenance 

uv-technik international offers a wide range of solutions for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. We offer support for HVAC system designers, suppliers, installers and end users. Air conditioning systems, especially AHUs (Air Handling Units) are vulnerable to the proliferation and spread of pathogenic microorganisms, spores, and mould, which combine to form of an unpleasant biofilm. With the correct UV solution, these problems can be solved, ensuring not only air purification, but also savings on system maintenance. We also produce systems that are suitable for serial connection.

Need help deciding? Contact our technical team on +44 (0)1582 805410 or email info@uv-technik.co.uk for advice about which of our HVAC UV disinfection devices would be suitable for your requirements. Please see below a selection of the solutions that we can offer.
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 We also produce in room air   disinfection devices, odour   & grease removal systems.
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Find out more about our KLM2000 for disinfection of the air flow in central air conditioning and ventilation systems.

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KLR2 - 4

Find out more about our KLR Rack for very large ventilation systems (up to 200,000m³/h). It can be integrated into existing systems.

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KB1 - 2

Find out more about our KB1 KB2 systems  for small ventilation systems and suitable for integration into existing systems.

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KLS300 - 1500

Find out more about our KLS300 - 1500 series for small installations vertically into ventilation shafts.

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TR200 - 1800

Find out more about our TR200 - 1800 which are installed into the wall of ventilation ducts for disinfection in humid environments.

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Find out more about our KB299 for modular installation that supports the hygiene specifications of VDI directive 6022.

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CD300 - 1800

Find out more about our CD300 - 1800 coil disinfection device used for the permanent disinfection of heat exchanger fins/coils.

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Find out more about our SLM6/3 for the disinfection of the air within tanks, containers and ventilation systems.

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VD500 - 1800

Find out more about our VD500 - 1800 for the disinfection of evaporator fins and prevention of biofilm within ventilation systems.

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Find out more about UV-REFLEX-SCB to treat airborne bacteria and mould present in the air of the cold rooms.

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Find out more about our UV-STYLO-E for sanitizing water within collection tanks (cooling systems) and air handling units.

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Find out more about our UV-STICK-AX for disinfection of air and surfaces and suitable for operation in harsh operating conditions.

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Made In Europe - Supplied Worldwide

All of our UV components & systems are manufactured at our modern European factories - primarily our main uv-technik production facility (pictured) located in Ilmenau, Germany.


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