UV Measurement (MP/LP/LED)
  • Integrators, UV meters, UV sensors & UV probes
  • Each device calibrated to customer requirements
  • Measure UV dosage, UV intensity, UV spectrum & temperature

Users of UV curing systems will want to take into consideration the quality of the UV curing of the ink or varnish that they are using. They will also seek to avoid rejects that are costly and reduce their production efficiency. Also, management systems will require that processes are documented. There are a number of tests that can be made to the substrate "post cure" but it is often more effective to measure and therefore predict the degradation of the UV output before printing.

uv-technik international offers a wide range of UV measuring devices to measure irradiances (mW/ cm²), dosage (mJ/cm²) and temperature. Our devices can be calibrated as per customer requirements.  Additionally, customized solutions are available on request. For a technical overview of measuring UV, please see the downloadable guide located on this page.

Need help deciding? Contact our technical team on +44 (0)1582 805410 or email info@uv-technik.co.uk for advice about which of our UV measuring devices would be suitable for your requirements. Please see below a selection of the solutions that we can offer.
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  • Made in Europe
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Did you know?
 We produce UV measuring   devices and sensors for low   pressure UV lamps.
  UV Sensors
  LP Measurement

UV Disc

Find out more about our UV Discs measuring devices suitable for conveyor. These measure UV Dosage in mJ/cm².

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Handheld Meter HI 1

Find out more about our HI 1 UV measurement display unit compatible with the TS 1 and SI 1 measuring devices.

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UV Probe TS 1

Find out more about UV probe TS 1 to show depreciation of an installed UV lamp. It measures UV intensity (mW/cm²).

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UV Sensor SI 1

Find out more about UV sensor SI 1 suitable for difficult to access areas. It measures UV intensity (mW/cm²).

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Test UV Strip

Find out more about our market leading TestUVstrip measuring strips for the dosage measurement of UV lamps and UV LEDs.

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UV Control

Find out more about our UV Control. This device is an Integrator for measuring UV intensity and dose plus temperature.

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Find out more about our QSO 3 UV inline sensor. This robust device can be used for online measurement of UV Lamps & UV LEDs.

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Find out more about our QWO UV inline sensor. This device is used for measurement of UV Lamps in high temperatures.

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UV Tube

Find out more about UV Tube. The UV Tube Integrator is a UV multi-channel-measuring instrument for curing applications.

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UV Spectro

Find out more about UV Spectro - a UV spectral radiometer device. It can measure both UV intensity and dosage.

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UV Micro Puck

Find out more about our Micro Puck Multi, which is an integrator for cable-less UV measurements.

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Hönle UV Meter

Find out more about the Hönle UV-Meter. The measurements can be evaluated on the PC or with a PLC via USB connection.

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Made In Europe - Supplied Worldwide

All of our UV components & systems are manufactured at our modern European factories - primarily our main uv-technik production facility (pictured) located in Ilmenau, Germany.


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