UV Lamp Identification

We have an extensive database of OEM and distributor lamps. This includes GEW, Alpha Cure, Primarc, Heraeus, Baldwin, Victory, Eltosch, Theimer, Vandam, IST and Amba. Please see our UV lamp database here for more information. When we are approached for lamps, this would normally fall within one of two categories. Below is a summary and an explanation for the information that we would require in order to manufacture the lamps:

1. New lamp designs.

Many of our customers are OEM customers that manufacture machinery that incorporates UV curing. In order to produce a UV Lamp for this type of application, we would need a technical specification for the lamp(s) required. The most simple means of providing this information is by completing and sending us our lamp identification sheet. A downloadable identification form is located on this page. In the most simple form, the requirements for production would be the lamp:

a) Arc Length

b) Diameter

c) Quartz Type (Ozone Producing, Ozone Free, Ozone Less)

d) Doping (Iron, Gallium etc)

e) Current & Voltage

f) End Cap Measurements (or a selection of one of ours - contact us for information about standard caps)

2. Replacement Lamps

Lamp Identification in the majority of cases is simply a matter of giving us the original manufacturer's part number. We have an extensive database and in the majority of cases can offer you one of our long life alternatives immediately. In some instances, it may not be possible to easily obtain this information.  Please see the downloadable guide located on this page for information about identifying UV medium pressure lamps. Alternatively, please don't hesitate to get in touch for further support. Contact our technical team on +44 (0)1582 805410 or email info@uv-technik.co.uk.

Key Points
  • Made in Europe
  • CE / UKCA Certified
  • Technical Support
  • OEM Partners
  • Long Lamp Life
  • 50 - 3,000 mm (arc)
  • Power (up to) 60 kW
  • Custom Solutions
  • Extensive Database
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