Test UV Strips
  • UV measuring strips for UV dose measurements
  • For UV medium pressure lamps, UV LED & UVC low pressure lamps
  • Optionally usable with or without filter film for different UV doses

Test UV strips are a product for measuring the UV dosages of provided by UV Lamps. These light sensitive strips (UV measurement tape) are sensitive to the entire UV emission range (between 230 and approximately 400nm). They can be used with the following types of UV Lamps and UV LED:

  • UV medium pressure lamps (Hg, Fe- or Ga-doped)
  • UV LEDs (395 nm)
  • UVC Low pressure lamps

The UV measuring strips have a multi-layer structure topped with a UV-sensitive surface which begins to turn blue when exposed to UV radiation. The longer the UV measuring strips are exposed, or the more intensive the UV radiation is, the bluer the UV measuring strips become. In order to be able to measure both small and high UV doses, measurements can be made with or without a filter film. The filter film covers the measuring film and can be easily removed by folding back or tearing off / cutting for the measuring process.

Need help deciding? Contact our technical team on +44 (0)1582 805410 or email info@uv-technik.co.uk for advice about which of our UV measuring device & calibration would be suitable for your requirements. Please also see the downloadable information located on this page for further technical data about this product.

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