High Voltage Cables
  • Cables designed for UV curing applications
  • Stranded, single cables SiF/SiCS & multicore cables
  • Cables cut to size, available in large quantities

Medium pressure UV curing applications require specialist high voltage cabling. We offer a wide variety of stranded, single and multicore cables depending on the customer requirements. We can offer any of our cables in multi meter lengths, 100m rings or 1000m drums. If you need advice on suitable cables for UV applications, please don't hesitate to contact us for support. Please see the tables below for an overview comparison of that cables that we can supply.

Technical Data

Need help deciding? Contact our technical team on +44 (0)1582 805410 or email info@uv-technik.co.uk for advice about which of our UV high voltage cables would be suitable for your requirements. Please also see the downloadable information located on this page for further technical data about this product.
Product Image
Key Points
  • Made in Europe
  • Technical Support
  • OEM Partners
  Cable Brochure
  HK-SO-Li2GC2G 2 x 2,5 mm², 3 kV, shielded
  SiCSi 1x2,5mm², 3 kV, shielded
  SiCSi 1 x 2,5mm², 6 kV, shielded
  PMC 2x2,5 + 1x2,5 + 10 x 2 x 0,34 mm²,3kV
  PVC 2x4mm², YCYS, 1 kV, 2 x 4,0 mm²
  PVC 2x4mm²,3kV, shielded
Did you know?
 We also produce cables and   connectors for low pressure   disinfection UV lamps.
  UV Lamp Connectors

Made In Europe - Supplied Worldwide

All of our UV components & systems are manufactured at our modern European factories - primarily our main uv-technik production facility (pictured) located in Ilmenau, Germany.


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