Air Temperature Control Set
  • Exhaust air control for performance-related air volume control
  • Exhaust control system regulates exhaust air volume automatically
  • Installation and the initial commissioning very easy and safe

The Air Temperature Control mechanism is controlled by the constant measurement of the exhaust air temperature. The complete set contains the following:
  • PT 100 sensor (with cable included)
  • Pre Programmed Electronic controller
  • Throttle Valve (inclusive of mounting accessories)
  • Motorized throttle valve (DC 24 V)
  • 2 Set pointing are possible (operation / stand-by)
The temperature is measured at, or near the reflector unit and transmitted to an electronic controller. This controller has been pre-programmed and only needs to be connected to the temperature sensor and to a 24 V DC power supply. The variable control signal resulting from this is transmitted to the motorized 24 V DC drive that adjusts a mechanical throttle valve. 
This results in a change in volume of the exhaust air. Therefore, the exhaust air fan itself (not included in the exhaust control system) can always operate at full power and does not need to have a controller of its own.  This eliminates the need for a frequency converter. Two set point settings are possible, e.g. the first for the temperature during the burning lamp phase and the second one for the cooling phase. The second set point setting is activated by a dry contact.
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