UV Water Disinfection
  • Solutions for wide range of water applications
  • From very small domestic devices to large industrial systems
  • UV is able to eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses

UV-C Technology is a proven method of disinfecting water. This includes anything from domestic water to water used in industrial manufacturing. The uv-technik international range of disinfection products covers this entire spectrum of possibilities. UV eliminates 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, including those that are resistant to chlorine, without changing the taste or smell of the water. Furthermore, there is currently no known microorganism that are resistant to UV.

* Please note - we also manufacture and supply replacement lamps and ballasts for non uv-technik existing systems. Please contact us with details of your requirements for more information.

Need help deciding? Contact our technical team on +44 (0)1582 805410 or email info@uv-technik.co.uk for advice about which of our UV water disinfection systems would be suitable for your requirements. Please see below a selection of the solutions that we can offer.
Key Points
  • Made in Europe
  • CE Certified
  • Technical Support
  • OEM Partners
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WDS Series

Learn more about our UV-WATER range for well water disinfection, cisterns, manufacturing and healthcare sectors.

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ABOX UV Technology

Learn more about the extensive ABOX UV range for applications requiring a comprehensive solution to water treatment.

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Aquastera Systems

Learn about our Aquastera Systems for drinking water supply in public and commercial sectors.

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Aquaculture UV Water Treatment - Fish Farming (Ducts)

Chemical-free water treatment systems for recirculating aquaculture systems (ABOX) and channel or basin duct solutions.

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Swimming Pool UV Treatment - Public and Private

Offering efficient reduction of bound chlorine in swimming pool water. Inactivation of parasites and legionella prophylaxis.

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ABOX TOC Reduction Systems - Ultra Pure Water

Systems for ultrapure water used in semiconductor manufacture, pharmaceutical, medical and power stations.

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Submersible UV Systems

We produce quartz glass tubes to protect UV lamps and additionally submersible UV systems of varying specifications.

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Spares & Replacements

We have an extensive database of UV components, including replacement lamps, for a wide range of water systems.

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Water System OEM Partners

We have decades of partnerships with producers of UV water disinfection systems. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Made In Europe - Supplied Worldwide

All of our UV components & systems are manufactured at our modern European factories - primarily our main uv-technik production facility (pictured) located in Ilmenau, Germany.


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