Handheld Meter HI 1
  • Reader & display unit for SI 1 & TS 1 devices (sold separately)
  • Measured value, saving of max / min values, hold function
  • Large-scaled 7/16 segment display

This instrument is particularly useful in a fixed source curing chamber or laboratory environment where an accurate reading of UV Visible, A B or C is required. This device is compatible with both the SI 1 and TS 1 sensors. The sensor is placed in the area where the UV intensity is to be measured, and a direct readout in mW/cm² can be seen on the digital display. A range of calibrations are available, so the unit can measure UV intensity from low pressure and medium pressure lamps as well as UV LED arrays.

There is also a ‘Full UV’ option for broad spectrum UV measurement. The HI1 hand held unit is a multi-functional UV measuring device allowing maximum and minimum values to be stored, sensor fault indication, low battery warning and a generous, easy to read 7/16 segment display. The unit is robust, portable and easily stored due to its size.

Need help deciding? Contact our technical team on +44 (0)1582 805410 or email info@uv-technik.co.uk for advice about which of our UV measuring device & calibration would be suitable for your requirements. Please also see the downloadable information located on this page for further technical data about this product.

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  HI 1 Datasheet
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Compatible With
SI1 (Sold Separately)
TS1 (Sold Separately)