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uv technik were one of the very first companies to introduce electronic power supplies for the control of UV lamps to the market. They offer several significant advantages over conventional magnetic ballasts. These advantages include Weight, simple operation and installation, instant and variable power control switching, one ballast can control a range of lamps. Please see the brochure and data sheet (right side menu) for downloadable information regarding the advantages of electronic power supply units and comparison to conventional ballasts. Please see below a concise summary:

User Advantages

➼ SAVINGS! Energy savings will result from uprading to EPS

➼ Step less adjustability

➼ Pulsed UV dimming

➼ Digital & Visualized system information from the ballast during operation

➼ If production is halted, power can be reduced to a minimum of 20%

➼ Lamp life time can be extended (further savings)

➼ Reliability of electronic power units over conventional ballast alternatives

OEM Advantages 

➼ Easy to install

➼ Simple electronic controls

➼ Different lamps can be operated on the same ballast

➼ Lamps and UV Housings will not need to be changed

➼ EPS units are smaller and more compact resulting in space saving.

Are you interested in upgrading your power supply? Please send your details to us: Contact uv technik

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