UV Disc (UVC Low Pressure Measurement)

The UVC Disc us a UV measuring device that has been designed to measure the dosage of low pressure uvc lamps, such as those used in uv disinfection (uv sterilisation) and decontamination processes. Manufacturers that use uvc lamps as part of their processes might include those in the food and beverage industry for example. If regular measurements are taken, it can provide useful information about when is the correct time to replace ageing UV lamps.

How to operate the UV Disc (UV Puck)

The UV Disk is placed on (or attached) to a surface in with the UV sensor on the back of the device facing the UV lamp to be tested. It records the UV that comes into contact with the sensor, and integrates the data during the irradiation period. The total irradiation level (UV dosage) is subsequently displayed on the screen in mJ/cm².

Technical Data

uv disc low pressure technical2

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